Monday, 8 February 2016

Lady Gaga sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl

Lady Gaga sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl

From tear-jerking ads about puppies and babies to a puppy that's also part monkey, part baby, the Super Bowl ads of 2016 were decidedly less sentimental – and a lot more weird – than what we've become used to seeing on game day.
Avocado-obsessed aliens? A walking colon with a face? Award-winning actor Willem Dafoe dressed as Marilyn Monroe standing over a vent as his skirt billows in the breeze?
If last year's advertisers banked on the power of emotions, this year they invested in making NFL viewers laugh — some more successfully than others.
And yet, while humour seems to have dominated 2016's Super Bowl commercials on the whole, star power was equally present among the most widely-shared spots this year.
The list of celebrities featured in ads during Sunday evening's broadcast reads like a Hollywood hotshot's private phone book: Matt Damon, Helen Mirren, Kevin Hart, Christopher Walken, Ryan Reynolds, Amy Schumer, Arnold Schwarzenegger ... we could go on.
Denver may have beaten Carolina to win Super Bowl 50, but there were far more than two teams playing in the high-stakes, high-budget game of commercials during football's biggest night of the year.
Here are 15 brands that came away winners this year, based on reach, response and critical reception.

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