Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ronda Rousey On Jimmy Fallon: New ‘Roadhouse’ Butt Kicker Brags ‘I’m The Swazye’

Ronda Rousey On Jimmy Fallon: New ‘Roadhouse’ Butt Kicker Brags ‘I’m The Swazye’

So sexy! Ronda Rousey made her first late night appearance since she was named one of three ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit edition cover models and the UFC fighter told Jimmy Fallon she is even more stoked about her next big project, starring in the remake of ‘Roadhouse.’http://toplivenews.net/

What a hottie! Ronda Rousey, 29, showed off that her ultimate fighting body is just as smoking as any of SI’s usual bikini babes and she stopped by The Tonight Show‘s special Los Angeles week of shows Feb. 16 to discuss her epic style moment. While she’s still healing up from her epic UFC title takedown by Holly Holm, 34, in Nov. 2015, the recovery protocol gave her the free time to channel her inner goddess and pose for one of the most famous covers SI has to offer. Not only that she’s put her acting career back into high gear and will be using her fighting skills in the new version of  the classic flick Roadhouse, playing the butt kicking bouncer role. So exciting.
Ronda absolutely blew our minds with her incredible hand-painted “swimsuit” and she couldn’t wait to discuss the moment with host Jimmy Fallon, 41. The former undefeated UFC looked gorgeous in a little black strappy dress with her sandy hair in curly waves. She joked about her SI spread, “Do you know how hard it is to look that comfortable on a rock?” she said of one of her sexy poses from inside the mag.
She confirmed she will do a rematch with Holly, but right now she’s busy shooting the remake of the classic 1989 Patrick Swayze film Roadhouase.  I’m the Swayze” she bragged, noting that no man could ever play the Patrick’s iconic butt-kicking role the way she is going to crush it. We believe you Ronda! Get Ronda’s book “My Fight/Your Fight” .Earlier in the day she made the shocking confession on Ellen DeGeneres‘ daytime talk show thatshe contemplated suicide following her devastating loss to Holly, but that she was able to pick herself back up again. “I do believe all the best things come from the worst things,” Ronda told Ellen. “And maybe I just had to be that example of picking myself up the floor for everyone maybe that’s what I’m meant for. I really do believe I’m still undefeated because being defeated is a choice. Everybody has losses in their life, but I choose to always be undefeated.”

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