Thursday, 21 January 2016

'It's an adult game!' Dakota Johnson drops the 'F' bomb on Jimmy Fallon show as she acts out getting dumped by Darth Vader

Dakota Johnson accidentally dropped the 'F' bomb during a hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York City on Wednesday.
The 26-year-old got caught up in the moment after introducing the host to The Acting Game, which she revealed she played with her famous family over the holidays.
The improv game involves acting out various bizarre phone call scenarios and Dakota, whose parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, was first tasked with pretending she was being dumped by fiance Darth Vader.
Dakota managed to maintain a straight face as she picked up the phone and said: 'Hello? Hi babe. Did you just wake up? Where are you? Who the f***?'

However the pair then burst out laughing, and Jimmy told the Fifty Shades Of Grey star to hang up the phone, adding to the audience: 'It's an adult game!'
After Jimmy pretended to be a chef revealing his recipe for turkey stuffing - which mostly consisted of him saying 'shove it up the turkey's butt' in a French accent, it was Dakota's turn again.

This time, the star was receiving a call telling her she had been rejected by clown school.
'Hello? Oh yes, this is Bubbles. Wait what? But why? What’s the reason – because I couldn’t do the balloon dog? Really?' she said, feigning tears, as Jimmy giggled.
'What am I going to tell my dad? Yes, he’s Big Laughs. I’m Bubbles. What am I going to do?' 

Look pretty in pink in a dress by Gucci

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